Whereas, Congress enacted an earmark moratorium that took effect in fiscal year (FY) 2011;

Whereas, Congress secretly inserted 123 earmarks into the FY 2016 budget, in direct violation of the earmark moratorium; 

Whereas, these earmarks will cost taxpayers $5.1 billion; 

Whereas, earmarked spending increased 88.9% over the past two fiscal years, in spite of the moratorium; 

Whereas, earmarks are spending driven by corrupt political cronyism rather than a careful analysis of the federal government’s actual needs; 

Whereas, every dollar earmarked for congressional pet projects is a dollar taken away from essential government programs and services; 

Whereas, many members of Congress from both political parties campaigned on a promise to end the corrupt practice of earmarking and business as usual in Washington;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the undersigned, as U.S. taxpayers and concerned citizens, do hereby demand that Congress immediately enact a permanent ban on all wasteful pork-barrel earmarks and end the tax-and-spend culture in Washington that is bankrupting America.