Members of the House of Representatives and Senate are expected to meet soon in a conference committee to negotiate a final 2018 Farm Bill.

The separate versions of the Farm Bill passed earlier this year by the House and Senate continue to dole out billions of dollars to wealthy and influential corporate agribusinesses, instead of protecting the interests of taxpayers and the small- and medium-sized family farms that make up rural America.

What’s more, while the Senate version of the Farm Bill includes important provisions to ensure that taxpayer-provided funds for rural broadband service go to truly unserved and underserved areas of the country, the House version does not contain similar provisions.

Tell the 2018 Farm Bill conferees today to accept the Senate bill’s provisions on rural broadband and to reform the extravagant agricultural subsidy giveaways that benefit the largest 10 percent of agribusinesses!

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Only individuals living in areas with members of Congress serving on the Farm Bill conference committee can participate in this alert. If you live in a different area and are unable to participate, please click here to participate in our other Action Alert campaigns.